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WEBINAR "How Mobile Enterprise does not only change companies, but also the ITK."


How you benefit from enterprise mobility


Together for your success

Innovation Day

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We will inform you about the great possibilities of digital transformation.

Mobile Collaboration

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04. - 05.05.2015

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Presentation on 05.05.2015, 10:15 - Mobile Now! - How you transform business processes concretely.

Our customers

apiOmat Enterprise - Your business process becomes mobile

apiOmat Enterprise makes integrated mobile business processes possible. We mobilise complex business structures and processes by offering a mobile middleware as connector between existing IT-systems andmobile devices. The middleware can be directly installed in a company’s datacentre, the connectors create a secure linkage to the IT systems allowing employees to work with data via apps and websites nomatter where they are.

Why should companies use apiOmat Enterprise?

  • Secure mobilization of inventory data
  • Process innovation through mobile applications
  • Future-proof infrastructure for mobile IT

Platform for uniform development standards

apiOmat Enterprise ensure not only a secure deployment of mobile inventory data and systems but also a standardized platform for developing mobile business apps.

  • installation On Premise or German Private Cloud
  • encryption and Authentication
  • own server code with J2EE
  • individual data modeling
  • offline handling
  • individual rights award
  • connectors to Enterprise IT systems
  • cloud connectors
  • automated SDK-creation
  • cross-platform


With our generated SDKs you can instantly start developing the user interface because business logic and functionalities like offline handling, delta synchronization, end-to-end encryption, data store connection and many more are already available and can be configured with just a few lines of code. This automation significantly shortens your time to market and allows you to be quick in digitalizing your business processes. Generated SDKs also help to reduce communication efforts between legacy system experts and mobile developers to zero. We support any type of app and platform you want to develop. No matter if it is native, hybrid, cross platform or web-based.

Mobile Service Workshop - starting a mobile future together

Accurate planning is very important to implement a mobile strategy. We define objectives , usage scenarios and processes of your mobile strategy in light of your business resources and interests. Ask about our strategy and implementation workshops.

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