Mobilize your

Con­nect­ing the enterprise to its mobile and digital goals to deliver innovative solutions faster than ever

Integrate & Automate

Connect each enterprise IT system or cloud solution once to make business critical data accessible for each mobile and digital project via automated REST API & SDKs.

Innovate & Disrupt

Use your company’s expertise and newfound agility to in­no­vate and disrupt your in­dus­try. Deliver digital processes and apps faster with a standard method to make all of your data and IT a resource.

Secure & Control

Meet the highest standards by con­nec­ting your security sys­tems. Enforce compliance standards for in-house and external developers and control life­cycle management.

Release 2.1: Scale with more automatization and new features.

ApiOmat benefits for your digital trans­for­mation

Integrate everything

Access legacy systems, cloud solutions, IoT & security with reusable connectors.

Automate interfaces

Generate SDKs for apps and REST API for digital services.


Control access rights for internal and external developers and partners.


Start small and easily scale to meet the enterprise demand.

Lower costs

Lower total cost of owner­ship for every mobile app and digital process.

Rapid Development

Deliver solutions faster than ever and continuously develop them.

Self-­Service App saves money

Germany’s leading wireless provider faced the challenge of integrating their enterprise IT systems with apps that would allow customers to update their account information, access their billing history and more. After evaluating over 40 different solutions they chose ApiOmat and integrated 5 enterprise IT systems in under 10 days – and launch their first app 20 days later.

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