ApiOmat – Mobilize Your Business Processes

ApiOmat enables your enterprise processes to function as mobile applications. We mobilize complex business structures and processes by offering a mobile backend as a service solution that connects existing IT-systems with mobile applications and devices. The mobile backend as a service can be directly installed in a company’s data center, with connectors operating as a secure linkage to IT systems. This allows employees to work with data via apps and digital instances irrespective of where they are.

ApiOmat Advantages

  • Secure Mobilization of Inventory Data

  • Process Innovation through Mobile Applications

  • Future-proof Mobile IT Infrastructure

  • Provides Individual Access Privileges

apiOmat Mobile Backend as a Service

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Enabling Business
Processes to go Mobile

Partnerkongress Gesundheitsforen

The Future of Health Sector

Partnerkongress Gesundheitsforen

Healthcare industry actors come together to discuss future developments.
02. December 2015 Leipzig