Build digital services faster

Deliver multi experience apps faster
and integrate them with the enterprise

Build digital services faster

Deliver multi experience apps faster
and integrate them with the enterprise

The Digital Services Platform

ApiOmat is a comprehensive platform for developers, product owners as well as designers and citizen developers. Deliver new services and products for any device. Reach users with apps, voice assistants, chatbots, websites and even virtual realities.


Speed up time-to-market and build enterprise-grade solutions for any frontend device by decoupling the development process.


Empower citizen developers to build simple applications and rapid prototypes.


Measure success and gain insights for product planning and iterations users will love.

Our Services


Build mobile and web appsĀ 

Decouple the front-and backend development for mobile, web and progressive web apps. Ensure your apps have all the essential features to be successful and focus on delivery apps users will love to use.


Add value to the blockchain

Differentiate your services and apps communicating with the blockchain by orchestrating your data and adding value to blockchain services. Build revolutionary solutions and change the world.


Interactions via voice and chat

Create integrated and intelligent chatbots and voice assistants that know your business. Let users interact on their terms and via the channels or devices they prefer 24/7 around the globe.


From on premise to any cloud

Run your digital services on premise, in any number of clouds or as a hybrid solution. ApiOmat was built for the cloud and shaped for the enterprise. Use our platform to achieve your cloud goals.


Digital Speed and Standardization

Give IT and Business the platform they need to build solutions in an agile world while incorporating legacy IT. ApiOmat is the platform for the development, operations and governance of your digital services.

About ApiOmat

At ApiOmat, we’re revolutionizing how organizations deliver mobile apps and digital transformation. As digital natives, we ensure your company gains the agility to disrupt an industry with the agility of a startup – and scale up like a leading enterprise. ApiOmat is the platform for developing, operating and measuring digital success. Unite business and IT to continuously develop solutions, measure their success and implement new services in weeks, not months.