Gartner Market Guide
Mobile Back-end Services 2017

Learn why Mobile Back-end Services are a critical element to consider
for mobile app strategies and what Gartner’s recommendations are.

Success Story

Union Investment

“ApiOmat is one of the building blocks to make ourselves ready
for the digital transformation.” (Jenny Wetzig, UIT)

Take Business Digital with ApiOmat

Deliver new services and products for any device. Reach users with apps, voice assistants, chatbots, websites and even virtual realities.


Integrate IT systems, IoT and APIs with prebuilt or customer modules.


Onboard developers, integration partners and app studios in minutes.

Frontend Dev

Build apps, chatbots, AR/VR solutions and web apps with smart SDKs.


Manage one platform instead of 100s of individual backends.


Understand in-app behavior to improve the user experience.

Uses For Mobile Back-end Services


Integration with
Alexa Skills

Real Time Customer Information
New Sales Channel
Automated Support
Custom Services for Lead Generation

B2B-Apps for
more Service

Sales App – Digital Sales Kit
Digital Contract Management
Direct Support App for better Service
Rearview shot of a  businesswoman working with financial graphs on her laptop

Digital B2E

Vacation & Sick Leave
Mobile Big Data
Travel Expenses
Approval Process


Value Added with APIs & SDKs
Integration with IoT
API connectors for digital connectivity

“ApiOmat is a robust solution that reduced our project’s time-to-market by almost 2 years. It also gives our partners the ability to quickly design their apps for any device.”

Marcel Rosenbaum Rund

Marcel Rosenbaum, Senior Vice President, EASY Enterprise Services GmbH

Awards 1116

About ApiOmat

At ApiOmat, we’re revolutionizing how organizations deliver mobile apps and digital transformation. As digital natives, we ensure your company gains the agility to disrupt an industry with the agility of a startup – and scale up like a leading enterprise. ApiOmat is the platform for developing, operating and measuring digital success. Unite business and IT to continuously develop solutions, measure their success and implement new services in weeks, not months.

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