Mobile Services in the Leading Cloud

Combine the power of Amazon Web Services and ApiOmat to deliver the best digital solutions while minimizing logistics. Leverage AWS’s global data centers and ensure your digital services are reliable, scalable and secure.

Go Global in Minutes

Build prototypes in days, deliver enterprise-grade solutions in weeks and deploy them world-wide in minutes with ApiOmat on AWS. Securely share data between any region and make sure users can access the right information in San Francisco today and in Berlin tomorrow.

Take Business to the Cloud

Run ApiOmat on AWS as a secure channel for exposing legacy IT and enterprise data to mobile devices, chatbots and voice services. Use AWS’s Virtual Private Cloud to securely expose data to ApiOmat and implement any enterprise security standards for app users and developers.

On-Demand Services for DevOps

Pay for what you use and avoid substantial upfront investments with ApiOmat and AWS. Quickly run tests on new modules or launch a developer environment in a small AWS EC2 server, or select a larger EC2 for performance tests or to run live solutions.

Auto-Scaling & Low Latency

Ensure your apps and digital services can handle any amount of traffic and provide the fastest response by building them with ApiOmat and running them on AWS. AWS is the leading cloud provider and ensures users will experience low latency times and get data as quick as possible. Never worry about peak traffic across various regions again, because your services can automatically scale based on usage.


Secure in the Cloud

AWS prioritizes security and provides tools to run your services in the cloud with transparency. Rely on their security experts, follow best practices and fulfill any compliance regulations with AWS specialized services.


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