ApiOmat + Cloud Foundry

Build What Matters - Faster

Empower Developers to deploy code faster with Cloud Foundry. Write only the code that matters with ApiOmat. Use both to build solutions for any device faster than ever thought possible.

Multi Cloud

Abstract infrastructure away and give developers the freedom to build new services thanks to Cloud Foundry. Use any cloud provider and have the freedom and flexibility to move your apps and microservices in minutes, without changing code.

Multi Device

Abstract APIs away and give frontend developers exactly what they need, ApiOmat SDKs. Developers immediately start building a great user interface and experience without ever having to work with an API or build stardard functions.

Simple Versioning

Don’t let versioning slow down the pace of innovation. Use built-in tools and GIT to simplify the consumption of microservices by frontend apps with a simple and straight forward process in ApiOmat.

Mobilizing Microservices

Quickly integrate ApiOmat’s Mobile Backend Services for your applications and microservices running on Cloud Foundry. Securely make data and backend processes accessible to developers via ApiOmat’s module market and generate new APIs and smart SDKs for the fastest frontend development.


Java Microservice – Just Add Logic

Deploy ApiOmat as a Microservice framework. All the developer has to do is declare the data models and write business logic using the provided environment. ApiOmat takes care of the API, data persistency, and docker image and makes it easier for other microservices or apps to access its data with generated SDKs.


Do you have any questions or do you need additional information? Contact us and we’ll reach out as soon as we can.

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