ApiOmat + OpenShift

Build, Run and Mobilize Microservices

Simplify IT Operations and give developers on-demand resources with OpenShift. Couple OpenShift with ApiOmat to mobilize legacy IT and microservices, decouple frontend and backend development and transform ideas into app with startup speed.

Streamline DevOps

Use containers to securely and quickly ship software between Dev and Ops. Spin up the software in seconds using docker containers and eliminate the “it works on my machine” to streamline software delivery.

Decouple Frontends & Backends

Set up a new backend in seconds, click together the backend data modeling and generate project specific APIs and SDKs. Stop wasting time writing boiler plate code and get apps onto the devices of customers and lines of business.

Manage Digital Services

Deliver new apps and digital services that integrate enterprise IT, microservices and IoT devices. Use OpenShift to build microservices faster and become independent from specific IT infrastructure. Scale up instantly by deploying ApiOmat containers across OpenShift to support any number of apps or users.

Mobilize Microservices at Startup Speed

Quickly integrate ApiOmat’s Mobile Backend Services for your applications and microservices running on OpenShift. Securely make data and backend processes accessible to developers via ApiOmat’s module market and generate new APIs and smart SDKs for the fastest frontend development.


Rapid Prototyping

Get the speed to compete in Digital Transformation and let developers build fully functional rapid prototypes in days. Once the prototype is proven a success, simultaneously extend the frontend capabilities while backend developers integrate any necessary legacy IT, microservices, IoT devices or cloud services.


Do you have any questions or do you need additional information? Contact us and we’ll reach out as soon as we can.

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