Own the App. Own its success.

Maximize user engagement, ensure a fast ROI while continuously improving the UX.

User Analytics

Have a realtime view into user interactions, figure out what is working and what is not and base future iterations on the metrics that matter most.

Fast ROI

Stop discussing digitalization and deliver prototypes in days, live solutions in weeks. Use analytics to measure the ROI and quickly release new features that users will love.


Engage with users with smart push strategies, improve user acceptance and adopation while measuring which notifications bring them back to the app.

Rapid Prototypes with low risk

Fail fast and succeed quicker – the motto of the digital transformation. Deliver winning Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) faster by creating rapid prototypes. Start small and validate the use-case, then quickly transform it into a live MVP to immediately bring value to the users – without the risk and investment.

Increase Engagement

Get users to interact more and give them the features that keep them coming back. ApiOmat lets you easily set up communications channels to users with modules like Push, email and chat. Stay in contact with users and get them informed with the information most relevant to them. Send notifications based on time or location, in app actions or special offers to greet users returning to the app or to keep them from leaving the app.

ROI in months

Gather feedback from the first prototype and see app’s potential with an ROI measurement. Leverage the efficiencies of digital solutions and ApiOmat’s Platform to deliver value faster, reaching an ROI as quickly as possible.

“The investment in ApiOmat and our mobile apps reached an ROI in only a few months thanks to the instant data availability and digitization of our data entry processes.”

Florian Daniel, Director Worldwide IT, Berlitz

Measure Success

ApiOmat Analztics makes app success tangible. Make data-based decisions to further improve each app’s UX and create even more successful apps from here on out. Get insights on trends by measuring users and their behavior. Profit from comprehensive funnel anlysis, crash reports, granular filters and more – all accessible via a simple user interface.

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