One Platform for the complete Digital Life Cycle

The fastest Path to Innovation

Digitalizing an entire company requires standardization. ApiOmat is the platform that removes the hurdles of digital transformation and provides the infrastructure and tools to transform business with startup speed. From rapid prototyping and enterprise integration, to IT Operations and user analytics, ApiOmat ensure you can manage and scale digital services.

Decouple frontends (e.g. apps, chatbots, wearables, web apps) from legacy systems, SaaS, microservices and IoT devices to accelerate the pace of innovation.

ApiOmat is OS and data center agnostic, so that you can run on premise today and adapt to changing requirements and regulations to support hybrid, multi-cloud and PaaS approaches.

ApiOmat Capabilities






The Adaptive Enterprise Approach

Adapt or die. That’s the challenge companies face today and since no-one knows when disruption will strike, ApiOmat works with you to deliver new business models or digital services in less than 3 months. Together during a workshop we shape the use-case with our combined expertise and define the initial requirements.

Then together with your IT department we set up the project’s foundation by installing ApiOmat in your preferred environment. With ApiOmat in place, we build the digital service together with your development team of choice. Using ApiOmat’s module system, we create reusable connectors to integrate enterprise IT systems.


Scope Definition
Use-Case Requirements


Fastest Development with smart SDKs
Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid installation
Backend, Cloud or IoT Integration

Digital Services

Continuous Development
IT Operations and Dev On Boarding
Analytics Driven Product Development


Standard Support

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  • Weekdays 9 AM – 5 PM

Premium Support

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  • Weekdays 8 AM – 6 PM
  • Monitoring 24/7
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Platin Support

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