ApiOmat Multi Experience Platform

Everything you need to



Rapid Prototyping & Low-Code Development

  • Individually design your prototype
  • Supports all resolutions
  • Huge selection of UI elements
  • Automatically integrated backend

Multi Experience

Supports all frontend devices

  • Authentification
  • Data Model
  • Offline Handling
  • Push-Notifications
  • Delta Sync


Decoupled Integration of Legacy & NewTech

  • Standard Connectors
  • Crawler
  • Own Customized Connectors

Enterprise Grade

Scalable Operations and Compliance

  • Auditibility
  • Data separation
  • API-Governance (standardized APIs)


Deployment and hosting

  • Easily take apps live from a lab environment to production
  • Runs on-premise, in the cloud or on Pass
  • Supports hybrid or multi-cloud strategies
  • Deploy apps faster with the web hosting module


KPIs and Optimization

  • Events
  • Drills
  • Funnels