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About us

ApiOmat is the corner­stone for enter­prises that are striving to incor­porate their company within the digital and mobile worlds. Our philo­sophy is to provide startup-like agility and inde­pen­dence from specific IT systems and devices. Empowering your company to inno­vate and disrupt the market with the digital tech­nolo­gies of today and tomorrow – that’s our business.

ApiOmat was founded in 2012 by a group of enterprise software and mobile devel­opers to trans­form the way enter­prises create mobile and digital services. From our offices in Palo Alto (USA), Leipzig (GER) and Munich (GER) we’ve already enabled companies in the following industries digitally transform their business: Insurance, Automotive, Education, Tele­commu­nication, IT, Manu­fac­turing, Health­care, Finance.


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Phone: (415) 906-5125
Email: info[at]apiomat.com

ApiOmat Inc.
720 University Ave
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