Marcel Rosenbaum Rund

„ApiOmat is a robust solution that reduced our project’s time-to-market by almost 2 years. It also gives our partners the ability to quickly design their apps for any device.“

Marcel Rosenbaum, Solution Architect, EASY SOFTWARE AG

Frontend Development with ApiOmat

Develop services for smartphones, the web, wearables, chatbots or voice assistants that leverage enterprise IT, cloud solutions and IoT devices. With Smart SDKs you immediately start with the UI with no need to waste time on API consumption, offline handling, delta sync or authentication. All of that is provided in the smart SDKs and can be individually configured.

ApiOmat decouples the backend from the frontend development, so that every developer can focus on what they do best while speeding everything up with parallel development.

ApiOmat SDKs are 100% source code and are compatible with Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Atom, Xcode and all of your other favorite IDEs. Just download the SDK in your project’s programming language and add it to your project. Use your preferred libraries, frameworks and other project specific standards to ensure you can develop your way.

Universal UI Approach

ApiOmat Smart SDKs are generated and contain all the components that enable frontend developers to start building user interfaces. Use the ApiOmat SDK for the targeted platform and build a great UX. If the app’s a success, roll out your service to other devices in no time with ApiOmat SDKs.

Any Device

Build frontends for any device using a ApiOmat SDKs, from native iOS apps in Swift to Progressive Web Apps in React. Don’t stop at apps, use ApiOmat SDKs to build Alexa skills, Actions on Google, AR/VR solutions and any other frontend device out there.

Offline Handling

Give users the experience they deserve and ensure your apps work while offline. ApiOmat SDKs have offline strategies built-in, just configure it in a few lines of code. Easily query data while offline and save requests for when the device is back online.


ApiOmat standardizes the development of each project and drastically reduces the cost and time to market. Integrate backend systems, web APIs and IoT devices once with ApiOmat modules, and reuse them in future projects. The architecture for all frontend solutions is no longer a discussion, but a standard process.

Run periodic penetration tests on a single platform, ApiOmat, instead of testing a countless number of individual webservices. The ApiOmat platform is built for web-scale and can dynamically scale to meet the needs of your apps. Development agencies and integration partners are onboarded in no time with the ApiOmat SDKs and modules, providing startup speed.

Without ApiOmat, every project requires:
  • Server provisioning
  • Architecture design and approval
  • Use of best practices in the development, definition and documentation of APIs
  • Penetration tests and approval of data privacy and security standards
  • API consumption in each frontend programming language