„Without ApiOmat, we wouldn’t have made as much progress nor would we have reached our milestone of presenting and installing the app in our car dealerships.“

Rene Weigand, Senior IT Project Manager, etecture

Operations Management with ApiOmat

Digital business has created a complex environment IT Operations with evolving technologies and a higher demand for new software. New digital business models are also heavily dependent on the supporting infrastructure and the teams behind it.

ApiOmat helps IT Operations to operate and manage the backend services for frontend solutions. Ensure production environments provide a great quality of service while proactively minimizing risks. The utilization of resources are tracked and can be used to forecast when additional servers or containers are needed.

High Availability

Ensure the availability and performance of every digital service. Use ApiOmat’s data caching during peak hours to reduce the load on legacy systems and enterprise IT.

End-to-End Support

See which frontend apps are working and which aren’t with ApiOmat Analytics. For managing backends, ApiOmat’s monitoring provides the basics if you don’t have your own.

More Efficient

Manage ApiOmat instead of 10s or 100s of individual app backends. ApiOmat provides all the tools to run mission critical services.

Realtime Load Monitoring

View ApiOmat’s server capacity directly from the admin dashboard. Use ApiOmat’s monitoring tool to recognize immediately when a server is down. Prefer Nagios? No problem, ApiOmat lets you bring all your own tools as well.

  • Nagios Integration
  • 24/7 realtime monitoring
  • View all your ApiOmat servers


ApiOmat is based on open standards so that bringing it into your IT environment is a smooth process. Whether you use Windows, Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian or Suse, ApiOmat can be installed in your data center. ApiOmat was built for the cloud and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. Like Docker Containers? We provide them as well.

  • On Premise
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud

Diverse Integrations

ApiOmat fits into your existing IT Operations and supports the most modern technology. Whether you’re using AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry or Mulesoft, combining them with ApiOmat provides you an extremely efficient and flexible approach.

  • Multi-Cloud Support
  • Fast and Flexible Deployment
  • Use DevOps methods


Start small and scale up like a leading enterprise. Depending on the use-case, ApiOmat can be dynamically scaled across servers or in docker containers to help meet demand during peak hours. ApiOmat comes with its own data persistency layer and supports replication and sharding for extreme amounts of users. Using ApiOmat with a load balancer is ideal for supporting global use-cases.

  • Low latency for digital services
  • Scale on demand
  • Sharding and Load Balancing for global use