Design and Launch Apps in Hours or less


Native Apps, Built by Citizen Developers

Empower designers and citizen developers to transform their creativity into native Android and iOS apps. Built for non-developers, ApiOmat Studio provides all the tools to quickly piece together an excellent user experience. Build the perfect app for your use case and choose which components display data and which are used to save data. Create engaging apps with push notifications, authentication, offline handling and access to enterprise data in hours.

Automatically integrated backend

Individually design each app

Huge selection of UI elements

Supports mobile, tablets and responsive web

View the generated source code

Template Apps

Use and adapt template apps that can be and deployed in minutes. Select the template and open it in ApiOmat Studio to adjust the colors, add additional features, your company’s logo or even additional screens.

Cloud & Enterprise Integration

ApiOmat provides connectors to enterprise systems and cloud solutions. Get data from systems like Salesforce, SAP, or Sharepoint directly into apps built in ApiOmat studio – no developer required. If there’s not a connector, developers can build one to be reused for any number of apps.

Rapid Prototyping

Create apps in ApiOmat Studio to prototype complex use-cases. Design the app in the morning, test it with live users in the afternoon and iterate tomorrow.

Native Apps

Android users want Material Design, while Apple users prefer Flat Design – and both expect native performance. Build a single design and ApiOmat generates iOS and Android apps that follow that appropriate design guidelines and icons. Make sure both takes a single design and generates native iOS Android apps with the appropriate design icons. This makes it easy to deliver a native experience that both Apple and Android users will love to use.

Example Use Cases

Sample Use Cases

  • Perfect for list-based apps
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Full integration with ApiOmat Backend Services
  • No Code
  • Citizen Developers and Designers
  • From Idea to App in hours

Enterprise-grade apps generally have complex requirements and implementing essential app features can take considerable amounts of effort. ApiOmat Studio changes all this, letting citizen developers and designers build apps that access enterprise data and send push notifications without a single line of code.

Building apps that support social media, Active Directory or LDAP authentication can be built with ease by using the ApiOmat modules and linking them with a sign-in screen. Apps built with ApiOmat Studio have offline functionality and include app analytics to help understand your users.

Export to XCode and Android Studio

Citizen developers can build great apps with ApiOmat Studio, but sometimes developers are irreplaceable. Simply export the project to Android Studio or XCode and pass the project onto the developer to implement more complex or individualized features.

Current Limitations

  • Data types limited to numbers, dates, strings, images and files
  • App generation for iOS and Android (soon: Web Apps)
  • No current plug-ins for QR codes, NFC, GPS or Bluetooth
  • Complex data validation in forms
  • Complex client logic
  • No Augmented Reality Support

Training and Workshops: ApiOmat Studio

Take a look at our free online workshops here. Building digital services requires the right approach and is new for many organisations. We work with our customers together in workshops as well as projects to ensure that their ideas can be validated and implemented in just weeks.